Apartments for sale – how to sell your property quickly?

Apartments for sale – how to sell your property quickly?

flats szczecinThe outlook for housing prices for next year may not be as bleak as in previous years, but nonetheless, it is not likely to be record high. This is good news for potential buyers trying to buy their condo on the secondary market, but not very good news if you plan to sell your home.

So what can be done to maximize the chance of an apartment for sale?


1. Choose your real estate agent well You don’t have to put your property up for sale through a real estate agent, but if you think it’s the right thing to do, choose carefully. This is always important, but even more so in a slow, saturated market where apartments for sale are located for several months. Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations, find agents selling properties similar to yours, and ask three or four companies to prepare a quote for you. Pick someone who is enthusiastic about the apartment for sale and someone who can see and sell positives. Remember that if you choose an agency that is part of a larger network, your home should also appear in the database in other departments.

2. Fight for a Quote Don’t accept an agent’s first quote without seeing if you can get a better quote elsewhere. This also applies to the first quoted rate for helping to sell an apartment. On the other hand, it’s tempting to get the highest possible quote, but be realistic. Check prices for similar properties to see what you can expect. While national house price indices can give you an idea of ​​the market trends, in certain areas of the country and even the city you can get a much higher price for an apartment.

3. Get organized Prepare a file containing all documents regarding the flat for sale . Include any repair warranties, certificates for gas and electricity work, council tax bills, and any other documents you have. Do it in advance – you’ll be ready to act as soon as there is an offer. Taking the time to gather the right paperwork can make you nervous as a salesperson, and in a time when sales time is the most important thing, nerves aren’t a good advisor.

4. Remove all clutter from the apartment for sale Get ready to see the apartment. Keep rooms tidy, make friends with regular vacuuming and remove dishes from the sink. The idea is to show that it is an attractive, functional apartment. Leaving items on top may create the impression that there is not enough storage space. This is especially important when there are many similar offers on the market. Sometimes nuances decide.

5. Improve your apartment Do not renovate the entire property, but repair what is obviously damaged. The buyer will immediately think that there is a serious problem, even if it is not. If you are renting your apartment, it may need to be refreshed. You don’t need to obsessively depersonalize your home, but if your rooms are painted in bright colors, you should consider painting them quickly with neutral paint. Buyers are always trying to imagine themselves living in your apartment. Therefore, it is worth minimizing personal things, such as photos, in the interior. Focus primarily on your first impressions. Paint the front door, tidy up the hallway and make the entrance as friendly as possible. Try your best to improve public areas. If they look neglected, it will turn out

6. But don’t overpay… Buyers of flats for sale often like to arrange themselves in their own way, so don’t waste your money trying to guess what they like. If your kitchen doesn’t look very modern anymore, don’t spend your money replacing it – there’s a small chance you’ll get back your money invested in it. Do not replace the carpets, just remove them.

7. Do not surround buyers. A good real estate broker will show potential buyers new homes for sale. There should be no animals or children inside. Send them for a walk while you inspect. If you want to be home during this time, be nice but discreet. The most difficult property to sell is the one where the owners wander in the background. People feel uncomfortable when the owner is nearby, they don’t want to comment out loud on an apartment for sale and often want to leave too soon. 8. Get in touch with your agent A good real estate broker gives feedback after each viewing and is honest about anything you need to change. Ask him to openly say what did not suit the viewers. Find out what prompted buyers to choose a different property and, if possible, make changes. Agents should not overdo the positives of real estate. If you’re unsure that your agent is doing everything he can to sell your home, maybe it’s time to notify him of the closure and try somewhere else?


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