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Coffee for the company – advantages for employees and employers

Coffee is a drink that many of us cannot imagine our morning without. It is also an increasingly frequent and more willingly purchased element of the equipment of every corporate canteen . Why is it worth to bet on coffee for the company and how can you benefit from it? We will tell you about its benefits from the perspective

Drewno konstrukcyjne - wybór oraz impregnacja

Construction wood – selection and impregnation

Due to its purpose, construction timber must have several important features. As the name suggests, this type of wood will be used for structural elements, especially for the roof truss, which means that it must be durable for many years. When constructing a new building, we have a choice of several types of wood from which the roof frame can

How to prepare for plastic surgery? Practical advice

Carrying out plastic surgery is a very serious decision. You need to be properly prepared for the procedure – and it’s not just about carrying out all the necessary tests beforehand or proper body preparation. No less important is choosing a good doctor who will professionally perform the surgery. Plastic surgery – how to prepare The first

Aesthetic medicine after 60. What treatments will effectively rejuvenate you?

After 60, time is relentlessly left on its face. Despite years of caring for the body, moisturizing the skin, healthy eating and regular physical activity, at some point you will see that the skin is no longer as firm and smooth as in youth. You can come to terms with it or look for a

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