Car insurance

Car insurance

There are different ways to convince drivers to drive safely. They can be rewarded or punished. The police punish illegal driving in the form of tickets. On the other hand, the developers of the Yanosik application were the first to implement an interesting solution on the market. This is the bristle insurance , offered to drivers who drive the law.

Yanosik application

It is a popular Polish application. About 1.5 million Polish drivers use it. One of the functions of this application is the warning of speed checks. In addition, it warns against collisions and helps you avoid traffic jams. It also has built-in navigation, so it is easier to reach the designated place. The application also collects information about our driving style. It checks the speed at which we move most often, whether we drive smoothly, whether we take into account the current road conditions and speed limits. Thanks to this data, we can analyze our driving style. If we drive smoothly and safely, we’ll get a better insurance deal.

Attractive insurance

YU! is addressed to people using the Yanosik application. If we want to receive such an offer, we do not need to install any additional devices in our car. It is enough if we turn on the Yanosik application and drive several hundred kilometers. We will get the insurance offer directly on mobile devices. Thus, the costs are lower and the prices are very competitive.

At the very beginning, only an obligatory third-party liability insurance policy in Szczecin is proposed . However, later the offer will also include other motor insurance, proposed by ERGO Hestia.

First of all, the main advantage is that a driver who intends to buy a third party liability offer does not have to contact the insurer himself. They get the offer themselves on a mobile device. The following factors are taken into account when creating an offer: the places in which they are traveling, the number of kilometers and driving dynamics. The Yanosik application analyzes relevant information. This creates a profile of your driving style that determines road safety. The offer will be positive and will be tailored to specific customer groups. Of course, it will only be sent to those who have consented to the processing of personal data. However, only aggregate statistics will be used, and the data of drivers who drive less carefully will not be used anywhere. Drivers who drive safely will be rewarded.

Offer on mobile devices

The YUI policy will be offered only in the direct channel and only on mobile devices. Data concerning the car that we want to insure will be received by scanning the AZTEC code. It is in the registration certificate. In the case of an overwhelming number of customers, the conclusion of the contract will take place after accepting the offer and making online payment.

Other countries

Insured policies, depending on the driving style of the driver, are also offered in other countries. These types of solutions are most popular in Europe and North America. If we consider individual countries, the leaders are the United States, Italy and the United Kingdom. However, most often in these countries, data is obtained thanks to the installation of devices connected to the OBD socket in the car. In Poland, however, the application is used for this purpose. Apart from this difference, the approach is very similar. The driving style is taken into account when assessing the risk. Speed, braking time, routes and time of day are analyzed. However, the solution used in other countries allows obtaining more accurate data. Every kilometer traveled is analyzed here. However, in our country, data is collected only when the application is turned on.

In March 2017, voluntary motor insurance appeared. Its price depends on the driving style of a given driver. It is proposed by LINK4.

Car insurance in Szczecin by an entrepreneur

In this case, the insurance is a tax expense. However, let’s remember that the legislator introduced what the cost may be in the tax settlement. If the entrepreneur wants to insure the truck, the full value of the policy can be added to the costs. The cost limit in the tax settlement is taken into account only in the case of voluntary AC insurance. The value of the car is here the basis for the basic AC insurance. Liability insurance (Civil Liability) and accident insurance (accident insurance), the person running the company may include these costs without limit.

Policy forms

There are no specific provisions regarding the conclusion of an insurance contract by persons running their own business. Therefore, entrepreneurs can decide for themselves whether we want to buy the policy privately or for a company.

However, no matter what solution he chooses, the expenses can be included in the tax cost.

Taking into account the Polish legal regulations, we are obliged to purchase Szczecin car insurance after buying a car . In addition, we can opt for additional, optional policies, such as AC and Auto Assistance. It is worth choosing a favorable insurance.