Coffee for the company – advantages for employees and employers

Coffee for the company – advantages for employees and employers

Coffee is a drink that many of us cannot imagine our morning without. It is also an increasingly frequent and more willingly purchased element of the equipment of every corporate canteen . Why is it worth to bet on coffee for the company and how can you benefit from it? We will tell you about its benefits from the perspective of both the employer and the employee in this article.

Coffee for the company – why should we introduce it as employers?

Although it would seem that only employees can benefit from coffee for the company (eventually they will get a free drink in unlimited quantities), the employer will also feel its introduction. If that’s what we are, we should pay attention to the fact that thanks to coffee:

  • our employees will be more effective – coffee gives energy and this is one of its greatest advantages, which we will certainly feel in our employees. So if we expect them to be ready to act from the very first hours of work, it will help us (or rather them) to achieve it quickly;
  • we will not have chaos in the company – coffee improves concentration, therefore employees focus more on the duties entrusted to them and do not distract their attention from what should be important to them. Chaos is often the result of fatigue and lack of concentration, which can be used effectively with coffee;
  • customers will be better served – coffee into the company introduces a unique atmosphere, improving the well-being and mood of everyone around. All because of its unique aroma, which in itself stimulates and encourages action. More willingness to act and better well-being is also more kindness towards our clients, to whom we attach priority.

Of course, having a coffee machine in the office and reaching for it ourselves, we will also feel everything that the employees feel. We will talk about the advantages of this drink typically in terms of them, however, later in this article.

Coffee for the company – benefits from the employee’s perspective

Of course, coffee in our company does not only benefit us from the perspective of the employer. It will also help us when we are in a completely different role and we are employees. Although consuming excessive amounts of it may be associated with undesirable ailments, drinking it “symptomatically” (and therefore when we need stimulation) or regularly, but in reasonable amounts, can do us a lot of good. Because coffee:

  • improves blood circulation – regular drinking of coffee allows you to increase blood flow in the blood vessels by up to 30%, thanks to which our cells are properly oxygenated and our physical efficiency significantly improves;
  • helps to burn fat – nowadays, the lion’s share of our time at work, but also at home, we spend in a sitting position, which often leads to weight problems; coffee is an excellent way to counteract them, improving the metabolic rate by up to 20%, thus accelerating fat burning; of course, we will benefit the most by not using sugar, milk, cream, and especially sweet syrups , which significantly increase its calorific value;
  • reduces muscle pain – if we train regularly, but also work hard and struggle with ordinary physical fatigue, coffee can significantly reduce it;
  • improves overall health – as coffee is a source of very important antioxidants, it improves the overall health of everyone who consumes it. There are over a thousand different antioxidants in its unprocessed grains – they destroy free radicals, which reduce inflammation and protect cells from damage;
  • reduces the risk of depression – a very common ailment that affects many people working in larger companies and corporations is depression. Coffee is not only limited to stimulation – it also copes well with depressive states, improving well-being. All due to the increase in the level of serotonin and dopamine – substances directly responsible for our good mood;
  • has a good effect on the heart – although it is believed to have an opposite effect, in fact, its appropriate amounts allow us to reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 20%;
  • it is a source of many nutrients – coffee contains a lot of vitamins and minerals; just one cup of it will allow you to obtain a lot of vitamins B2, B3 and B5.
  • reduces the risk of some cancers – especially those closely related to the oral cavity, but also to the skin, breasts and prostate.


Coffee for the company can be a really great solution that will allow employers to be more satisfied with the work of their charges, and employees – to be healthier, fuller of energy and more successful in what they do. Of course, when investing in this drink, you should buy a decent coffee machine, but also choose a slightly higher-end coffee, necessarily ground or coffee beans. The soluble one is known for its poor quality, which can affect everything we mentioned in the previous section of this article.