Good catering for a corporate event. Organizing a corporate party, especially for large companies, can be a lot of trouble. The most difficult part of the organization are employee parties, which are associated with anniversaries important for the company. In such cases, choosing the right catering company is very important. However, what exactly should you pay attention to? Will the catering company take care of the organization of the entire event or just the delivery of meals? Can we choose each dish or should we stick to some specific determinants? About all of this below.

Catering for companies at the party

At the very beginning, it should be noted that the choice of a particular catering company should depend on the type of occasion. If it is a party connected with a positively concluded, important and stressful transaction for all employees, the event can be more casual and the catering is the same. A catering company offering a large selection of interesting snacks will work for such a party. We can organize a Swedish table and therefore no additional service will be needed. However, if you are planning a party on the occasion of an important event, such as the company’s anniversary, and we invite directors from various branches of the company and employees with accompanying persons, it is worth looking for a company that, apart from catering services, also deals with professional party service, including preparation of decorations.

The choice of a catering company should also depend on the size of the event. If our company employs several hundred people, we should choose a company that is able to serve such a large number of guests. Finding such a catering company is not easy at all. There are many of them on the market, but most of them are small enterprises or restaurants, which additionally provide catering services and are not always able to handle a larger number of orders. A good solution is to find an event agency that cooperates with catering companies and has the ability, depending on the needs, to select the number of employees for specific orders.

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Catering for companies for a party – menu

Different caterers have different menu specifications, although many are quite flexible about specific dishes. At the very beginning, we need to determine whether our party will have a catering leitmotif, e.g. French or Italian cuisine, or whether the dishes will be more diverse. It is worth remembering that even when deciding on dishes related to a specific kitchen, it is worth taking into account the preferences of guests, especially in terms of food allergies. Additionally, for safety reasons, we should always anticipate that some of the guests do not eat meat and should be allowed to choose a vegetarian or vegan dish. The best solution would be to ask all guests about their preferences in advance, but we don’t always have the option, so it’s worth having a backup plan in case of problems. We also cannot forget about the children. If employees with children appear at a company party, we should prepare a separate menu for them.

If we have a problem with choosing what will be on the table at the party, it is worth asking for a consultation with the employees of a given catering company and for tasting the dishes (most companies offer this option). Certainly, the employees of the catering company Szczecin will be able to help with the selection of dishes, their quantity and the amount of snacks, cakes or sweets. Due to the fact that the selection of the menu takes a long time, and it often happens that some information, e.g. about guests’ allergies, is delivered to us late, it is worth getting interested in catering much earlier before the party, so that you have time to modifications at no extra cost.

In terms of the price and cost of catering, at the very beginning we should determine the estimated cost of a meal for one person and immediately provide it to the employees of the catering company. The menu selection will be governed by this value. It is worth remembering that we should not overdo it with saving on food if we are going to organize a serious event. If we cannot afford large expenses, it is better to allocate the entire amount to one decent meal than a few medium-sized dishes.

Catering for companies for a party – alcohol

It is worth bearing in mind that alcohol always falls into a separate category. Usually alcohol is not included in the cost of catering. Some catering companies do not supply alcohol at all, while others can provide it, but it is usually a much more expensive option than buying the alcohol yourself.

Many people dealing with staff party formalities forget one important person, and that is the bartender. Certainly, some guests will prefer drinks that should be prepared by a professional. Most caterers do not provide bartender service.