How to choose and care for jewelry?

How to choose and care for jewelry?

What is jewelry? Hasn’t it become a piece of art nowadays, and not just a decoration? Currently on the market you can find many models of jewelry, both women’s and men’s, which are made of various materials, ranging from traditional ones such as gold, silver, amber. Mother-of-pearl, and ending with modern unique components such as plastic, metal, kevlar, titanium and the like. Jewelry stores outdo each other when it comes to the variety of assortments. New, more original jewelry collections are still being created, thanks to which everyone can find something suitable for themselves.

Classic or modern?

Classic gold or silver jewelry it has its timeless charm and elegance. When deciding on ornaments made of these materials, you can be sure that they will practically never go out of fashion. In addition, most of these products can be found in jewelry stores. Gold is the oldest metal that has been coveted by society for centuries. In ancient times it was considered the most noble metal due to its properties. At the turn of the centuries, it was invariably used as a means of payment all over the world. Today, jewelry made of it is still in demand by both men and women. The most popular is jewelery from Italy, the kingdom of goldsmithing, where trends are dictated when it comes to the goldsmith’s assortment in jewelery stores. Silver, despite being less popular, is an equally valuable metal, when it comes to the jewelry industry. Rhodium-plated silver allows for a beautiful and stylish glow in jewelry. It is less flashy than gold jewelry, it is perfect for both everyday and elegant occasions. It is also cheaper than gold, but that does not mean that it is worse. In jewelry stores, you can see that the trends have not changed for years and there are still so many followers of gold and silver.

How to take care of jewelry?

The most important aspect when it comes to caring for jewelry is how it is stored. Contrary to appearances, it is not as easy as it might seem at first, especially if the collection grows more and more. This should be done in an appropriate manner to avoid mechanical damage and scratches on the surface. For this purpose, it is best to use caskets and boxes softly lined with velor material inside. You can get them easily in almost any jewelry store. The next point is use. If the jewelry is to serve its greatness for a long time, it is worth not exposing it to water, salt or other chemicals. It is always good to remember to take off all jewelery and put it back in the box before taking a bath. Additionally, it is worth knowing

Jewelry should not be crushed too much, bend it, expose it to warm temperatures, many ingredients of everyday cosmetics also expose jewelry to damage. Contact with water may cause dullness, discoloration and discoloration.

Cleaning is best done in professional jewelry stores, where they have special means for this. However, if you absolutely want to do it yourself, it is worth getting a soft cloth and preparations dedicated to these activities. Despite popular belief, cleaning your jewelry with toothpaste or a salt water solution is not a very good idea and can lead to more damage.

Silver is extremely sensitive to moisture, which causes it to tarnish, so be careful not to expose it too much to such conditions. On the other hand, gold will retain its beautiful shine by avoiding any contact between the Jewelery and all kinds of detergents. These rules are universal and the same should be followed. When it comes to the care of plastic jewelry, in addition, such jewelry is more susceptible to discoloration and scratching. The presence of precious stones is also a reason for special care for ornaments. All sapphires, rubies and amethysts are very sensitive to solar radiation, so you should protect them as much as possible against this negative factor. Of course, it’s not about wearing jewelery with the addition of these stones only on cloudy days, but after taking it off, it’s worth saving them unnecessary exposure.

In jewelry stores (the wedding one ) you can actually find any type of jewelry, regardless of your tastes, style and preferred material. This element is an inherent attribute of femininity. That is why it is worth betting on more expensive models that will serve for years and present themselves more effectively than their cheaper alternatives. Thanks to proper care, you can extend their splendor and enjoy the beautiful decorations and stylish appearance for longer, which is helped by well-chosen jewelry, every day, regardless of the occasion.