How to find riding boots?

As any rider knows, the right riding shoes are key – whether you are an amateur or competitive riding horse. Good shoes provide protection and stability. This will keep the ride safe and happy. Not only the type of shoes is important, but also the fit of the shoes. Badly fitting shoes can distract us. They will also be uncomfortable and dangerous. Such shoes can be purchased at the equestrian shop with equestrian articles.

Types of shoes

First of all, let’s answer the question of whether we are going to ride for pleasure or compete in equestrian competitions.

Tall English riding boots are available in several different versions. They are designed specifically for this type, so they meet all the needs of the riders.

Good footwear is very important. It protects the feet and prevents the feet from sliding in the stirrups. Flip-flops, high heels, sandals, clogs, galoshes and canvas running shoes definitely fall off. Even rubber boots don’t provide enough protection. When choosing riding boots, always pay attention to safety.

What can not be worn for riding?

Riding boots come in several different styles. Whatever style we choose, remember that shoes should have a small tread and a heel, 2.5-4 cm high. Thanks to this, the shoes will not slip off the stirrups. Boots with thick or heavy treads, such as hiking boots or snow boots, are not suitable for horse riding, although they may be appropriate for stable work. These shoes are usually wide, with a large, boxy toe space, which means it can be difficult to fit them into the stirrups. They also have a lot of grip, which is an important advantage when hiking, but not necessarily when riding. It will be hard for us to get off the horse later.

Western style shoes

It is up to us whether we choose English or Western style shoes. Western-style shoes usually have a slightly higher heel. They may have creped soles, so they will not slide off the stirrups easily. We can also find ankle-high boots. Such shoes are more comfortable, provide good stability and protection.

Many cheaper shoes have vinyl uppers. Therefore, they can be less comfortable and durable. They also won’t breathe like leather, but they are easier to clean if they get dirty.

Recently, these types of shoes have become very fashionable. In addition to their attractive appearance, they are functional. They are perfect for horse riding, working in the barn and walking. They are durable and provide good support while driving, but at the same time are not as handy as English-style shoes.

English-style shoes

They come in several different styles. Traditional shoes are tall and black. We can see them in hunting scenes in old English movies. They are still common in dressage. They can be used in almost any English discipline. Some riders find them comfortable and offer protection and support, while others say they are too hot and embarrassing. These shoes are lace-up over the padding. They are often worn by hunters. Let’s choose them if we have feet with a high instep. Are very comfortable. In addition, lace makes it easier to put on and take off. We can choose whether we want them to have a lock or not.

If we find a great pair of shoes but are hard to put on, we can sew in zippers or swap them for new ones.


Riding boots can be made of various materials, cotton canvas, synthetic material or leather. Of course, leather shoes are much more expensive and require more care from us. Put on the more expensive shoes first, then the cheaper ones, and we will surely feel the difference in comfort and support. A good pair of shoes is an investment, but it is definitely more durable. If we want to buy good shoes, but we have a limited budget, look for discounts.

Both English and Western style shoes can be made of synthetic materials. Their main problem is that they heat up quickly and retain moisture. It is very hard to take them off. However, we can think of them when we like to ride in wet conditions or only at small shows, and we cannot afford leather shoes.

Many riders own two or more pairs of shoes, depending on how they ride. If we are competing, we will most likely have one pair for practice and the other for shows. Of course, remember that each discipline requires a different pair of shoes. If we like to ride in winter, choose warm riding boots. We can also find polo shoes or high black boots with a brown or black collar at the top. They are good as long as they are safe and comfortable.

A brief summary

When choosing shoes for horse riding, remember about the appropriate tread and heel. Nor can they be too big for the stirrup. They should fit well and support the foot. Boots with a zipper along the inside of the calf will not work. Always pay attention to safety when buying shoes. This is much more important than appearance.

We can always ask a horse riding instructor or go to a professional equestrian shop . Such help can be very useful.