How to sew a toy bag?

How to sew a toy bag?

Toy bags are more and more often found in our homes. This is due to the fact that children love to play, however, they have a problem with keeping order, which for parents is very problematic and sometimes irritating. What will we need to sew a toy bag? What are the stages of creating your own toy bag? Why is this type of solution remarkable at all? The answers to these questions can be found in the article below, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read.

How to sew a toy bag?What will we need to sew a toy bag?

Before we start any considerations about toy bags, it is worth considering what materials we need to make this possible. First of all, we must be aware of the fact that ecological toys may weigh a little, therefore the bags should be durable and above-average thickness. To make the above-mentioned item, you will need a special cotton fabric with a pattern, which is intended for the main part. Its size should oscillate around 1.5 × 1.5 m. The next element is a uniform cotton fabric for the tunnel. It is worth preparing rectangles with dimensions of 0.1 × 1.25 m in advance. There will be a cotton string. Its ideal length is around 5 meters. This allows free hanging almost anywhere. If we want to sew on our own, then there will be a specialist sewing machine. We can buy or rent it – depending on individual preferences. Of course, let’s remember about basic tailoring accessories, which include threads, scissors, a measuring tape and a few others, which are usually found in our homes.

Stage 1: slicing

Now that we know more or less what we need to sew a toy bag, we can move on to the first of two steps, which is called slicing. The size of the bag should depend primarily on individual preferences, but if we care about large dimensions, the one with a diameter of 150 cm may be the bull’s eye. Then we can easily store children’s houses as well as other toys. We need a circle whose diameter is approximately 150 cm. Additionally, a seam allowance is necessary. However, how do you cut an even circle? Contrary to appearances, this activity is not problematic. It is enough to fold the material in half, and then again in half. From the center of the bend, measure the length of the radius (in this case it is 75 cm) and mark it with a pencil. Of course, the denser it is, the neater our wheel will be. The material should be cut in 3 versions – outer, inner and oval. On one of them, we put notches, which will later enable even distribution of the handles. Now it remains for us to move on to sewing.

Stage 2: sewing

Since the cutting stage has been successfully completed, we can move on to the next one, i.e. sewing. It is worth realizing that an alternative to a bag can be a basket for toys which is characterized by a hard bottom. If, after all, we are interested in the sack, then we can begin the proper activities. First, fold both cut parts with the right side to the center. Put the whole thing on an oval and then fasten it. Remember that the whole thing must be folded in such a way that the notches are visible – it is very important. In the second step, sew the fabric, leaving gaps between the cuts. Now we turn everything inside out and try to lightly iron it. To do this, let’s set a low temperature and use a lot of steam, otherwise we can melt the wad, which we would certainly prefer to avoid. Then sew the hole that was previously left for turning. Now it’s worth checking the rope width. Let’s add some slack and sew the resulting tunnel.Now we are left with the last activity, which is pulling the rope. If the whole thing moves freely, then we can tie the ends of the string and start cleaning the child’s room. We can put everything in a bag, which leads to the fact that we can enjoy an extremely clean living room.

Why is a toy bag noteworthy?

It cannot be denied that a toy bag in most cases can turn out to be a bull’s eye. As we have already mentioned – while children love to play, cleaning is difficult for them. Daily exhortation to keep order is not effective, especially if the child is stubborn. Having a beautifully presented bag, the material of which will be chosen by the child, we can count on the toddler to start cleaning up after himself. The deflection of the string does not cause any problems, and the whole object looks interesting visually. The cost of producing a toy bag by yourself is very low, especially if we have our own sewing machine at home.