Insurance for companies

Insurance for companies

If we have just opened a company and want to choose insurance, we have a lot of options to choose from. We can choose insurance against damage, transport or random events. It is worth considering exactly what our needs are.

Remember that running a business involves risk. However, we do not have to take all the risks ourselves. We can choose insurance, then the insurer will take over some of the risk.


The civil liability policy   is the basic type of insurance. Some entrepreneurs are even obligated to have it. First of all, it is about people who run an accounting office or a legal adviser office. It must also be purchased by doctors and property appraisers. If we do not run this type of business, we can buy it voluntarily. However, it is a very good idea.

We are safe when, as a result of our omission or action, we cause harm to someone. However, remember that the action must be unintentional. The scope depends on the type of business we conduct.

Insurance of the warehouse and expensive equipment

If we have a production hall or warehouse, we should insure it. At the same time, we cannot forget about equipment insurance. We will not be able to conduct our business in the event of theft. In addition to third party liability insurance, we can purchase insurance that protects against burglary and theft. We can also take out insurance, thanks to which we will receive compensation for damages that occur as a result of random events. We also think about insurance of machines and devices against electrical damage.

Help of specialists

If we do not know what insurance is best for us, we can always consult a specialist. We can go to agents offering products from one insurance company or choose multiagencies. The latter have a wide range of insurance products from various insurers. If we do not know exactly what insurance to choose, the specialist will ask about our needs and propose several offers. In this way, we will choose the insurance that best suits our business activities.

Service company

First of all, let’s pay attention to the conditions and restrictions. We also need to check the rates. Let us not compare insurance in terms of price or offer. We should also pay attention to the insurer himself. Extremely low rates are a trap that people who want to insure often fall into.

When choosing civil liability, we should pay attention to the terms of the contract. The company for which we want to insure must also enjoy a good reputation on the market. Let’s pay attention to the way of contact with employees.

Additional packages

Many insurers offer clients comprehensive policies. Therefore, we can enrich the basic insurance package with additional clauses. We should think about them especially when we hire employees or cooperate with foreign companies.

Comparison of insurance offers

The acquisition of third party liability perfectly protects our interests. However, before we sign the contract, let’s get acquainted with the offers of at least a few companies that have been known and have been on the market for at least several years. However, it is time-consuming to compare the insurance and its regulations on your own. That is why we can use comparison engines and calculators. They were prepared by experts. We can also use the help of a multiagent who cooperates with several insurance companies. Thanks to this, we can choose the best policy. It will be tailored to our needs and expectations.


However, let’s also pay special attention to exclusions. Most often, insurers prepare a large list. Therefore, we must be aware of when we do not get insurance. This is a very important point if we want to be fully protected.

Insurance for a small or medium-sized company

It is worth taking advantage of the insurance offer, regardless of the size of our company and the industry in which we operate. This solution should be used by shops and service providers that have premises. However, we should not only insure the premises, but also the equipment. In this way, entrepreneurs will effectively protect themselves against random events. Appropriate insurance will protect both offices, warehouses and production halls.

The scope of insurance should cover not only the loss or damage of property if we are robbed, but also the cost of repairing the alarm system, locks, windows and doors.

If we have an IT or electronic company, we should cover these devices with insurance. We can also consider insurance for laptops, mobile phones and portable data drives.

Freight forwarding company

If we run a shipping or transport company, we should think about extended insurance. It should protect us during the transport and unloading of goods. We must also remember about the difference between insurance of products during transport and carrier’s liability insurance. Civil liability insurance protects us in the event of theft of the goods and their delivery to an unauthorized person or appropriation by a dishonest subcontractor.