Interesting place in Sardinia

In Europe, there are loads of places to go on vacation that will surely be unforgettable. Holidays in Sardinia are one of the best ideas you can come up with. The beautiful island, belonging to the administrative region of Italy, is a real gem. Anyone who has ever been to Sardinia knows that it is an island full of surprises and wonderful views.

What can you see in Sardinia?

It is worth planning your holidays in Sardinia for at least a week, and preferably two weeks or more, because there are so many places to visit. The culture on the island and the views you can enjoy are a real treat for people who love to travel.

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean, which is a big plus for tourists as you can never get bored and there is always nowhere to go. Some of the attractions that are worth visiting will be listed below. Of course, there are many more places, but these deserve a special mention.

Where to start?

Holidays in Sardinia may be worth starting from its capital, Cagliari. It is a wonderful city, full of tourist attractions, old churches and real Italian restaurants. In this city, in a small area, you can see the architectural wealth of Sardinia. Strolling through the winding and narrow streets, it is worth paying attention to the beautiful, old tenement houses, which give the city a unique atmosphere. At the beginning of the journey, it is also worth tasting Italian dishes that people all over the world like.

When leaving the city, it may be worth going to a slightly quieter place to take a break from the hustle and bustle caused by the masses of tourists. Ferrata del Cabrid is the so-called “iron road”, which belongs to one of the local routes. This trail is a bit demanding, so people who have problems with fitness or fear of heights should give up the idea to overcome it. An interesting fact is that it is not the state that is responsible for mapping this trail and its preparation, but a private person who takes care of it together with friends. The entire length of the trail is supported by steel ropes, and the clamps attached to the rope will help you overcome it. There is also a helmet on the head, because despite the security, there can always be an unpleasant accident, and without a helmet it can end very badly. Although the trail is quite difficult and leads practically all the time by the sea, and requires overcoming the abyss, the effort and stress are rewarded by wonderful and unforgettable views. It is also a great memory because you don’t have to cover such a trail very often.

Near this trail is one of the most famous limestone caves in Sardinia, called Neptune’s Grotto. If someone is going on vacation in Sardinia   , then he should visit at least one of such caves and it is worth choosing this one.

From such a quiet place it might be worth returning to a slightly more populated place. So we’re targeting Costa Smeralda, or the Emerald Coast. It is a wonderful place on the coast, full of beaches with white sand and emerald green water. If someone has doubts as to whether it is definitely worth going here, the argument for this place may be the fact that it is one of the most popular places in Europe, chosen by stars and celebrities for holidays. So you can observe and experience a bit of exclusivity.

Sardinia is also an island with many romantic places. One of them is Isola Rossa, a town situated on a headland between two sandy beaches. The town is perfect for romantic walks, during which you can visit several atmospheric cafes and bars, and after all, as soon as it’s time for the sunset, it is worth going to the beach. The sunsets in this place are really indescribable. Whoever has seen knows it, so it is worth being the next person to find out about it.

Holidays in Sardinia can also be an opportunity to get to know the ancient culture of the local area, which dates back several thousand years. Nuragi are very old buildings, the date of construction of which is even known as 4,000 years ago. It is best to visit them with a guide who will be willing to share some interesting facts about the island’s ancient civilization.

A place for everyone

Sardinia is an island with attractions for everyone. If someone loves lounging on the beach and sipping drinks, he will find something for himself. If someone loves to travel and admire wonderful views while climbing, he will find something for himself. If anyone would like to know a bit of the history of the local area, there will also be attractions for him. Sardinia is simply an island that can offer a lot and it is worth taking advantage of this offer. A vacation in Sardinia can be a vacation of a lifetime. If you haven’t tried it, regret it or go and see for yourself!