Lawn mowers – types

Lawn mowers – types

A well-kept lawn near the house is a natural decoration that will never go out of fashion. Neatly trimmed grass pleases the eye in any weather: illuminated by bright sun, in rain, with drops of dew, and even looking out from under the snow. But a beautiful lawn needs regular maintenance, the most time consuming part of which is mowing the lawn. The mower is a tool for mowing grass on private plots, in city gardens and parks, that is, wherever a beautiful lawn is needed. A lawn mower is a mechanical or wheeled device with a motor and blades. The traffic is controlled by the person. Among the various models, you can find an option for plots of small or large area.

What are lawn mowers?

  According to the method of movement, lawn mowers are divided into: manual (cutters) held in hand when mowing, wheeled, self-propelled. Depending on the type of drive motor, mechanical, petrol and electric mowers are distinguished.

Mechanical lawn mowers

  Mechanical mowers (trimmers, trimmers) are easy to operate, do not need electricity or fuel, but a lot of physical effort is required. They are environmentally friendly, quiet and allow you to adjust the height of mowing grass . The mowing mechanism is a wheel-driven cylinder knife. This tool is good for grooming a young lawn as the low speed of the knife rotation prevents the grass from being pulled out with a delicate root system. This device is used in hard-to-reach areas, near trees and shrubs. Their advantage is that they are able to mow fairly tall grass and can be used in abandoned and long-uncultivated areas. There are also disadvantages: first, it has to be worn constantly, and secondly, using a trimmer, it is impossible to achieve a perfectly smooth lawn surface. Such a hand mower weighs about 8-10 kilograms and is easy to handle.

Electric lawn mower

  The most popular is the electric lawn mower, which is chosen for its affordable price, small size and low weight. However, the use of this device is limited by an electric cable, so it is most often used for work in small areas, up to 12 acres. As the name suggests, electric lawn mowers use electricity to complete the lawn tasks. The main feature of these devices is the presence of an electric motor, therefore their choice depends on the need to take into account the relevant technical characteristics.

  When choosing an electric mower, pay attention to the volume and availability of the grass catcher, the width of the lawn and the height of the grass mowing, as well as the engine power, speed and weight of the product. The motor power of electric lawn mowers ranges from 50 to 2,100 watts. The more powerful the engine, the harder the grass can be mowed and in greater volumes. It is also worth considering that there is a special subspecies – a battery mower, which allows you to work in places where there is no access to a power source. Motors up to 600W are suitable for areas with thin, soft grass. If a tough variety of grass is planted on the lawn and there are many weeds, then the motor power should be more than 1000 watts.

Gas lawn mowers

  Gas mowers have greater mobility and power. They are able to mow a large area, for example, 25 acres. The range of such mowers is large, they are used not only by private homeowners, but also by companies. In addition, farmers can harvest hay with these mowers. Gas mowers operate on liquefied gas (LPG). Compared to their petrol counterparts, they are quieter and easier to maintain. Fuel savings up to 40%. There are no toxic emissions during operation, the mower is harmless to health and the environment. Gas engine technology has several advantages over gasoline counterparts:

  • Liquefied gas is environmentally friendly as it reduces exhaust emissions.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions because, unlike gasoline internal combustion engines, LPG engines use maximum combustion fuel.
  • Gas engines receive less load, which means there is no excessive wear and no mechanical problems.
  • Liquefied gas is not toxic to groundwater and soil, which cannot be said about gasoline.

Petrol / petrol lawn mowers

  Lawn mowers based on internal combustion engines are the most comfortable and popular in everyday life. Unlike electric units, they are autonomous and do not limit the working area to the length of the power cord . Such models are best used in large areas. The main technical indicator of a petrol lawn mower is the size of the engine. It ranges from 4 to 1330 cm3 – the higher the index, the higher the capacity of the device. Lawn mowers with a motor power of 1000 W are able to cope even with young tree shoots. However, it is worth remembering that the more powerful the engine, the greater the fuel consumption. Petrol mowers are equipped with two-stroke engines with unleaded gasoline mixed with oil or four-stroke engines with unleaded gasoline 95 with additive.