Lighting in the bedroom. The relaxing qualities of lamps

A well-decorated and lit bedroom will be a place to rest and distract from everyday worries. How to make the bedroom your favorite place in the house? Today we will focus on the aspect of lighting that can fulfill a number of functions: from relaxing to functional. On the Internet you will find a huge amount of inspiration to help you choose the type of lighting, incl. floor lamps . It is worth starting the selection of lighting at the design stage.

Design floor lamps
Designer floor lamps

Designer floor lamps

Well-chosen lamps can create an interior you just want to be in. When looking for lamps, let’s think what functions it should fulfill: even the most beautiful lamp may turn out to be useless, so let’s think carefully about the purchase. Do you want to read in bed? Do not choose a lamp with diffused, dimmed light or with the shade open upwards, because it will not fulfill its function and will only become an unnecessary accessory. Such light will be a great solution if you want to create an atmospheric and relaxing interior.

Lighting has long ceased to serve only a functional function, and some floor lamps available in stores are real works of art decorating the room as effectively as the most beautiful painting. Designer floor lamps are available in many different shapes and sizes. Designers have plenty of ideas on how to adapt standing lamps to the character of various rooms, which is good news for lovers of a specific style at home.

Reading lamps

Use table lamps with spotlights for reading, which will illuminate the pages of the book well and will be gentle on the eyes. Lamps of this type are often associated with visually unattractive desk lamps, but when entering stores, we will be positively surprised: many models look extremely elegant. When looking for desk lamps, let’s take into account the location of our workplace. The ideal solution will be to place the desk close to the window to maximize daylight at work.

Floor lamps

Floor lamps are a popular accent in Polish homes. And rightly so: well-chosen lighting of this type can be a sufficient source of lighting in situations where, for example, you want to relax with your favorite series. When looking for a floor lamp, think about its location, good access to contact and measure the surface on which it will stand. Thanks to this, we will avoid surprises and missed purchases.

Modern floor lamps made of unusual materials

Concrete? Marble? Or maybe copper? It turns out that beautiful lamps can be produced from each of these materials. Combining unusual materials often results in a surprisingly accurate, coherent composition. The unusual lamp will also contrast nicely with the minimalist interior. There are designs in which the accent is placed on a light bulb, often in an unusual shape or in eye-catching glass (smoky, with a gold or silver reflector, etc.).