Repair and parts for hybrid cars. Hybrid cars are associated rather with solid workmanship, low failure rate, ecological considerations and low cost of car use. However, they also break down sometimes. A dozen or so years ago, hybrids were a novelty on our roads, today we have got used to them a bit more and it even seems that they are starting to arrive at an alarming pace. The low cost of moving around the city is tempting, and for many also economic considerations are of great importance. However, is everything so colorful and, for example, parts for cars hybrid are at a similar price?

How does it actually work?

Hybrid cars differ fundamentally from the vehicles we have been used to on our roads for years. Vehicles of this type are equipped with two drives. They are a classic gasoline engine, an electric motor and a capacious and efficient battery. All these elements work perfectly together, thanks to which we are able to save a lot of fuel on the route (also in the city). The electric motor is able to recover excess energy during braking and then transfer it to the battery while driving at a constant speed. The same energy is recovered in a situation where, for example, we are moving in a slow traffic jam. Simply put, it can be said that it is a kind of intelligent two-engine system.

Do hybrids really spoil less often?

A lot of people notice that this is one of the myths about hybrid cars. They claim that these cars break down as often as others. However, as the calculations show, the low drop in value also speaks in favor of hybrids, so we will sell a car lasting several years much more profitably than in the case of classic combustion engines. In addition, we profit from fuel costs every day. Fuel consumption of 3.5 – 4 liters / 100 km is the norm in the case of hybrid drives, so it is pure savings in relation to diesel, and in some cases even gas.

Typical breakdowns and repair costs

Car parts for hybrid cars will, of course, differ in price, but only for those elements that are directly involved in the drive of the vehicle. All other elements are of course at exactly the same price, because the suspension of a hybrid vehicle will not differ in any way from the suspension of the same model with a gasoline engine. In matters beyond the engine, the failures are repeatable and exactly the same as we can expect in a car with a classic drive.

Hybrid cars also do not have many expensive elements in their design. You can risk that the design of such a bipolar motor, contrary to appearances, is simpler and devoid of many emergency components that are not cheap. They do not have complicated injection systems, clutch, alternator, V-belts or starters and finally dual-mass flywheels. Usually we will not find all this in a hybrid, so we have less parts to spoil. In addition, the energy recovery system works in the initial phase of braking and manages the braking. Thanks to this, the pads, brake discs and tires will last longer when driving slowly.

The element that may be damaged and this raises some concerns is of course the battery or the cooling system and batteries (HV system). These are elements that differ significantly in hybrids. Mechanics and specialists note, however, that usually such failures are not very frequent, and the experience of drivers suggests that traveling several hundred thousand kilometers without the need to repair or replace batteries and batteries is real. However, when such a failure happens to us, we will pay for at least several thousand zlotys. In particular, the mentioned HV system is expensive. It is expensive, but still not as expensive as in the case of a diesel turbine breakdown or assembly and several years of operation with inspections of a professional gas installation.

Hybrid cars

The fact is that hybrid cars won hearts in certain market segments. First of all, they can car rental companies that appreciate the low operating costs of these cars. Indeed, fuel consumption is significantly lower than in the case of gasoline or diesel cars. So they are also very eagerly used as taxis or for private passenger transport. You don’t need to be afraid of a hybrid. Both the cost of purchasing this type of car is not high today, and the cost of car parts for this type of vehicle is at a similar level.

Hybrid cars can be considered a kind of bridge between less environmentally friendly internal combustion engines and much more environmentally friendly fully electric engines, which, however, currently require some refinement of details such as charging speed. In the case of hybrids, this problem does not occur, because charging takes place while driving.