Scope of geological and geotechnical services

   The main task of engineering and geological research is to obtain the most complete information about the properties of the geological environment. More precisely, the components of engineering and geological conditions in the proposed range of interaction of the designed structures with the geological environment.

   Geological and geotechnical services are based on soil testing by static probing carried out in cases where it is impossible to collect a soil sample with an undisturbed structure . As well as the appropriate determination of some soil characteristics (additive density, deformation modulus and internal friction angle in sandy and clay soils, and yield index in clay soils).

Geological and geotechnical services – tasks

   Provision of geological and geotechnical services requires the possession of all necessary permits to conduct all kinds of engineering research. Soil load testing is the most reliable method for determining deformation properties of soils. These works are performed as part of engineering and geological and engineering and geotechnical surveys.

   In the context of the global trend of environmental degradation, environmental engineering is a very important and necessary type of work in the construction of buildings. The geological and geotechnical services consist of field tests of soil and are usually performed in the absence of a supporting layer for a static field in accordance with the results of engineering and geological surveys.

   It is a set of works envisaging the study of hydrometeorological conditions on the construction site and the forecast of possible changes in these conditions in order to obtain the necessary and sufficient materials and data to make the right design decisions. The provision of geological and geotechnical services as part of environmental engineering research involves the following types of work: assessment of the radiation background of the territory, bacteriological tests of water, air and soil samples and the study of physical fields.

What is in the offer of a company providing geological and geotechnical services?

Geological and geotechnical services are engineering and geological research. They are carried out before the start of any construction, regardless of the type of the future facility. Geotechnical research for each type of object has its own specificity and features. But all work is carried out according to one standard. Their goal is to obtain the most complete information about the properties of the geological environment of the research site, including data on:

  • Terenie 
  • The geological structure of soils
  • Composition and properties of soil
  • Hydrogeological conditions of the site
  • Geological processes in the area.

Geological and geotechnical services – laboratory work

The full range of physical and mechanical properties of soils, soil and water corrosive properties, and other physical and chemical properties of soils for geotechnical research purposes are determined in a soil laboratory. Engineering and geotechnical surveys are carried out as part of geological and engineering surveys or separately in the territory studied in terms of engineering and geology.

What information can be obtained after performing geological and geotechnical services?

As you can guess, geodetic services are performed to examine the topography or the route of the proposed structure . As a result, the client will receive a report on the conducted research, in which, in addition to the text part, there will also be graphics, for example surveying network diagrams, engineering topographic plan, diagrams of communication networks.

Engineering and geotechnical surveys are carried out as part of engineering and geological surveys, or separately in geologically engineered territory. Engineering geotechnical research includes:

  • Modeling the interaction of buildings and structures with components of the geological environment
  • Non-standard methods of studying soil characteristics
  • Geotechnical control during the construction of buildings.

Other types of work performed during geotechnical surveys.

As part of geological and geotechnical services, the types, size and cost of work are determined, technical tasks are developed to determine the engineering surveys, this is the main document according to which the work is performed. The scope of rights may be prepared in any form. If a customer has difficulties in preparing technical specifications, experts from the service company consult on the issues of interest.

Benefits of using geological and geotechnical services

   All facilities pass expert research at any level without any problems, because certified experts from various types of engineering research are involved in the work. A geological and geotechnical service company may, for example, specialize in engineering research, which allows it to focus on being professional in the field. When cooperating with such a company, it is important that consulting services are provided at all its stages, help in the development of terms of reference, select the necessary types and amounts of work in such a way as to optimize costs.