Skuteczne szukanie pracy

Skuteczne szukanie pracy

It is very important to get a referral to find a successful new job. Let’s also prepare ourselves thoroughly for the interview.

Valuable recommendations

Let’s make a list of people who can support our candidacy and are easily available. When we are ready to work, let’s go to the reference database. Also, remember to update your CV. We can even mention your specific skills. This way, it will be easier for us to find our dream job.


Let’s prepare ourselves thoroughly for the interview to present ourselves as best as possible. Remember to prepare answers to questions about strengths, soft skills, achievements and experience. Let’s include keywords, phrases to talk about your experience, career progress, self-esteem. Let’s get ready for what we are going to say about ourselves. Employees from the East   should also use these advice. Employment agency for Ukrainians offers such an interview at the highest level.

Let’s decide what we want to do

We live in a world where you can do virtually anything, anywhere. Of course, it’s easier for us to say this once we’ve found a job. However, there is a good chance that we will find a job that will take into account our passions. Let’s consider which profession we will feel best in.

Au pairs, education and hospitality are the most popular jobs abroad, and for good reason. They are well organized, well paid, and offer a great opportunity to improve your English language.

Let’s check which country we want to go to

Let’s think about the regions and cultures we want to know and decide to be spontaneous when we get there.

Four countries are most often chosen for work abroad: Germany, China, Ecuador and Australia. Germany is at the center of Europe and a champion when it comes to STEM jobs. Of course, we have to reckon with hard work, but a good salary comes with it.

China is distinguished by the world’s oldest civilization. China is a global power, and taking into account its size, it offers a job opportunity for almost everyone. Especially future business tycoons we should focus on looking for a job here.

Ecuador is characterized by beautiful cities and landscapes. The highest capital of the world and the coastal islands, the Galapagos, deserve attention. We can experience an amazing adventure here.

Working abroad in Australia provides a great work-life balance.

Looking for a job in another country

Finding a job in another country requires a certain amount of research and a lot of effort. It may take up to several months. Perseverance is the key to success. Let’s choose a few positions that really interest us. This way, your job search will bring better results.

Great CV

A little extra effort will make a significant difference. This is especially true for CVs and cover letters. Yes, we can quickly develop a CV and cover letter, but we need to be competitive if we want to find a job abroad. Remember that different countries have different requirements for preparing a CV and cover letters. A great example is to include a photo in your CV. Depending on the country, there may be a different approach. In England, we should never attach a photo, while in other European countries, such as Germany or France, we can do so. Many Asian countries also require it. We can post it in the US and Australia, but it’s not necessary.

Sending the application

Once we have completed our CV, let us show our parents and friends for them to evaluate. Then let’s get ready to ship it. Let’s adapt the applications to the companies we want to send them to. Remember that the sooner the better. If we don’t get feedback right away, don’t give up hope. Let’s use any updates on your CV to get in touch and prepare for an interview.

It may take many attempts to find a job in another country. Don’t get discouraged if we don’t find a job right away.

Let’s improve our language skills

Let us consider the national language of the country we are leaving for. We should improve our language skills thanks to, for example, books, audiobooks and applications. Finding a job in another country is much easier if you already know the language at least at a basic level. Let’s use some useful tools and resources to learn the local language better.

When traveling to a country such as the Netherlands, Singapore and Sweden, we should know English and the mother tongue. Therefore, let’s focus on learning languages.

Documents and paperwork

Depending on the type of job you are applying for, it may be a good idea to have a few copies of your diplomas, CV and other relevant educational documents. Let’s prepare paper and digital copies. We also need to prepare a passport and a visa, depending on the country to which we are going. Let’s get in touch with the destination country and the employer to know the entry and exit regulations and legal conditions for working as a foreigner in the country of your choice. This will help us find employment in a given country.

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