What car can I rent for a vacation?

The automotive market is very diverse, which can be seen when walking through a random parking lot. It is tailored to the needs of customers, which differ depending on what the car is used for on a daily basis. It is very often the case that many people move around crowded cities on a daily basis, while going on vacation once or twice a year. If it is unprofitable to keep a large, convenient on the road SUV or sedan on a daily basis, car rental companies that offer cars of different segments at attractive prices can help.

Is it profitable to take advantage of the car rental offer?

Most families do not need to maintain large cars on a daily basis, which are convenient for driving on expressways and highways. If someone drives around the city on a daily basis, driving a large SUV or even a car with a station wagon, it will not necessarily be comfortable, especially living in congested cities where it is not only difficult to drive, but also more difficult to find a parking space . In such a situation, small, compact cars will work much better. However, the problem arises when from time to time, for example on vacation, you want to go with a family with several people. That’s when additional luggage space, a more powerful engine, and even the possibility of installing additional roof racks come in handy. Using the car rental companyIt is then very profitable, because even if you consider weekly trips for holidays, the cost of renting a car for such a period should not exceed several hundred zlotys, and in the case of stronger and better equipped cars, PLN 1,000. This is a fairly attractive price, especially since when you buy such a car, the difference between insuring it and a small city car may be as much as you have to pay for a weekly rental. When calculating the profitability of such a solution, one must also take into account the much higher price of the car, higher operating costs and higher fuel consumption. In summary, going to the car rental company several times a year is much more economical than buying a large, well-equipped car for everyday driving. 

What car to go on vacation?

vacation car rental

When choosing longer routes with the family, it is worth considering four basic categories of cars. Those are:

  • SUV
  • Kombi
  • Large sedans 
  • Baths

In an average car rental companyAll of the above-mentioned types of cars should be available. The first choice of many people are often SUVs that have become very fashionable in recent years. They are characterized by the fact that they have a lot of space for the driver and passengers, and also have a relatively large amount of space for luggage. They are also usually available in versions with powerful engines, which makes them comfortable to travel even in difficult, for example mountainous, conditions. So it is a perfect choice if someone is going to the mountains, especially when the trip is planned for the winter months, when the off-road qualities of SUVs will be a very big advantage. Another option is the classic station wagon, which, above all, differs from an ordinary car by a much more spacious trunk and more space on the rear seat, which will certainly please passengers, especially on long, several hours of travel. However, if the family does not take too much luggage with it, an ordinary sedan in a properly configured version may suffice. 

The offer for the largest families are Vans and miniVans , which are the most functional for families traveling with several people, with a lot of luggage. Often they can accommodate up to nine people, which makes them fit even the largest families. When deciding to rent a car, it is worth paying attention to the fact that it has the right engine that will cope with the long journey, and the optimal version would be one that also has a four-wheel drive. They are the most comfortable cars that cause the least problems in the field, and they are just as good in the city. 

Car rental and going on vacation

Most rental companies set a daily mileage limit in advance, but the offers of professional rental companies are so extensive that they also take into account the needs of customers who go on long, several hundred kilometer routes. Therefore, when going to the car rental company,the detailed terms of the contract, the mileage limit and the possible amount of surcharge for exceeding it, as well as the possible possibility of going abroad, should be determined immediately. If you want to drive a rented car outside of Poland, it is usually possible, although sometimes you have to pay an additional surcharge. When going on a long journey with a rented car, you should also carefully check whether the car has full insurance and the Assistance package, which will allow you to use external assistance from the insurance company, if necessary. This is a very important detail, especially when you are several hundred kilometers from your home.