What underwear for sports?

It has long been known that sport is good for health. There are many benefits to growing it. However, not all women pay enough attention to their clothes. This is a big mistake. Choosing a good women’s underwear for exercise is very important. Every woman who wants to start training should think about buying sports clothes. How to rationally approach the topic? What to pay attention to? We will try to help you.

Sports underwear
Sports underwear – the best one?

 Women’s training underwear – what material to choose?

Certainly, proven cotton will come to our first thought. However, this material is not suitable for sports. It collects sweat, while our women’s underwear should drain excess sweat. The best sports fabrics are made of synthetic fibers. Which one to choose?

  • The first good suggestion should be polyester. Actually a mixture of polyester and elastane. Its advantage is its low moisture absorption rate. What does it mean? Thanks to it, water is drained to the outside of the clothes. This gives a high feeling of dryness and our women’s underwear does not stick to the body. On the other hand, elastane is a stretchy material. It allows the fabric to fit the body better. The disadvantage of polyester is its static charge and pilling. However, usually the low price compensates for these inconveniences;
  • Another synthetic fabric worth attention is polypropylene. It has the same properties as the above-mentioned fabric. It also has channels that drain water more efficiently outside the fabric. It is much lighter than polyester. The downside is its resistance to UV radiation. Fibers deteriorate under its influence. Therefore, this material is mainly an accessory for sportswear. Mainly used for the production of thermoactive clothing;
  • Polyamide is a rigid fabric, but very durable. Outfits made of it are more expensive than polyester ones. Without this material, women’s underwear would not have such gorgeous and colorful swimwear in its collection.
  • Bamboo fabrics – they are perfect as a lining or covering material for a bra. It has antibacterial properties. It is well stretchable and natural;
  • Modal is artificial silk. Made of natural cellulose. It has the characteristics of a soft and breathable fabric.
  • The last material is merino. It is made of sheep’s wool. Thanks to them, it is much softer than ordinary wool. It is perfect for winter sports (ski jackets, socks, balaclavas). Its only disadvantage is the long drying time.

Seams and fit

Women’s sports underwear must fit the body well. Otherwise, it may give us a hard time. During training, we make many movements that expose us to chafing. We can avoid this by buying tight-fitting sports clothing. Here we come to an important statement. Seamless underwear is the best friend of women practicing sports. It does not stand out under leggings or rubs against the surface of the skin.

Sports bra – an accessory or an important part of women’s underwear?

It is impossible to hide, we live in a time where more and more women decide to be physically active. In order to take care of their body, they also need to think about the condition of their breasts. Sport is about movement, position changes, and tissue stretching. A badly chosen bra is not the best signal for your breasts. After some time, they become not very firm, which neither of the fair sex wants. The best option is a sports bra. We have two models to choose from. Compression and bra with separate cups for each breast. The former resembles an elastic top with straps. It prevents the bust from moving. The second look is similar to a normal bra. However, it has no lace or accessories. It is made of materials suitable for the dispute. Each sports bra is designed for a different intensity of exercise. The most common division into: light intensity; medium intensity; high intensity. Therefore, pay attention to this when purchasing. We will be sure that our bra will cope with the training. An additional advantage will be the possibility of adjusting the straps in our women’s underwear. They can be crossed on the back if necessary. This will make the bra fit better against the body.

Sports panties

It is also worth buying sports panties here. It is an important element of women’s underwear. Thanks to its change before exercise, we take care of our hygiene. This allows you to minimize the risk of intimate infections. We have two types of panties – boxer shorts and briefs. They should be made of synthetic materials for the best ventilation. Before purchasing, it is worth checking if our underwear is bacteriostatic. This avoids unpleasant odors and prevents the growth of bacteria. You should buy seamless and elastic panties. They guarantee comfortable training. Properly selected, they allow you to model a figure that will be perfectly presented during exercises in the gym or outside.