Aesthetic medicine after 60. What treatments will effectively rejuvenate you?

Aesthetic medicine after 60. What treatments will effectively rejuvenate you?

After 60, time is relentlessly left on its face. Despite years of caring for the body, moisturizing the skin, healthy eating and regular physical activity, at some point you will see that the skin is no longer as firm and smooth as in youth. You can come to terms with it or look for a specialist who skillfully restores and firms your skin. What aesthetic medicine treatments are especially popular because of their rejuvenating effects? We will try to answer this question by checking which treatments are the favorite procedures of Polish women over 60.

Laser therapy – magical properties of the laser beamaesthetic medicine after 60.

medycyna estetyczna po 60.

Polish women love laser treatments. Why? Each treatment is associated with excellent results – depending on the parameters set, you can smooth wrinkles, furrows, get rid of discolorations and firm the skin. Laser therapy is associated with a recovery period, which may last about a week. It is worth using the ointments prescribed by the specialist performing the procedure and sticking to his recommendations at this time. The most common complications that can be seen after laser therapy are:

– swelling (lasts about 3-4 days)

– redness and burning of the skin (2-3 days)

– scabs and peeling of the skin (up to a week)

After a few days, the changes can be hidden, using e.g. mineral fluids and delicate foundations. The most important issue is the use of high UV filters during healing and for several months after the procedure (necessary because of the possibility of large solar discolorations).

The power of a vampire facelift

21st-century lifting is the one that is not invasive and does not leave unsightly scars. The huge popularity of the “vampire facelift” in aesthetic medicine comes from the fact that it is a natural, effective remedy for improving the face oval. The biggest stars have benefited from its properties, because the treatment is completely safe and guarantees a natural rejuvenation and firming effect. Especially recommended for allergy sufferers due to the negligible amount of allergenic substances.

Hyaluronic acid: filling, hydration, volumetry

Women over 60 complain about many problems that can be solved by ordinary hyaluronic acid . The falling oval and furrows are not problems that need to be tackled with surgical methods: sometimes a skillful injection of the face with an acid-based filler is enough to achieve the effect of raising the oval and straightening wrinkles.

It is worth asking your aesthetic medicine doctor what preparation will be used and the density of the product: subsequent acid absorption depends on these parameters.

Botulinum toxin for onerous mimic wrinkles

Wrinkles that arise as a result of muscle contraction can be eliminated using the globally known preparation: Botox. Despite many advantages, it still raises some patients’ concerns. Wrong: Properly given provides results that cannot be obtained with other preparations. It is worth repeating the Botox treatment every six months: thanks to such prevention, we will avoid the creation of mimic wrinkles.