What type of antivirus software will be the best choice for us?

What type of antivirus software will be the best choice for us?

The task of anti-virus programs is to detect and eliminate all malicious software that has entered our computer. While in the past you used core programs only with this feature, much wider security suites are now much more popular. In addition to anti-virus protection, they offer the option of enabling parental controls, an anti-spam filter or a firewall. Regardless of the antivirus program we choose, it must have two key modules. The first of them is a scanner, the task of which is to thoroughly examine the file, folder or disk we . It will detect any computer viruses and unwanted adware. In addition, an effective antivirus program must have a background monitor – it checks all downloaded files and launched applications for the presence of malware. The effectiveness of a program largely depends on the availability of the latest information about computer threats and viruses. The traditional solution was to regularly update the virus database. Nowadays, more and more antivirus programs use the always up-to-date database located in the cloud. Unfortunately, this requires a permanent internet connection.

Who Should Use Antivirus Programs?

Every owner of a computer with Internet access should ensure that his machine is properly secured. Although the use of anti-virus programs does not give us 100% certainty that we will protect ourselves against infection with a computer virus, it certainly significantly reduces the chances of such an event. After all, we don’t want third parties to gain access to our private photos and files. In the case of entrepreneurs, the provisions of the GDPR force them to effectively protect their personal data. Any leaks can come with costly penalties. So while private individuals do not have to invest in expensive antivirus programs, companies face a completely different situation. The creativity of cybercriminals means that using outdated programs will not provide effective protection.

What makes paid antivirus programs different?

Most private computers are limited to free antivirus software that we can easily find on the web. This solution is sufficient when we do not store confidential data on our computer and we often make data backups. In turn, business computers should be equipped with paid anti-viruses. The costs of losing access to company documents or disclosing company secrets to cybercriminals far outweigh the cost of even the most expensive antivirus program. By spending our money on such software, we can be sure that the virus database is regularly updated. Paid license users are the first to get access to updates related to the latest threats. Thus, paid programs are much more effective. Some of the products on the market use advanced technologies designed to combat unusual threats. They also usually outperform free software in terms of the number of features offered and the scope of technical support.

Do antiviruses slow down our computer?

To be effective, antivirus programs must constantly run in the background. Thus, we will not avoid limiting the computing power of our computer. High-quality programs are characterized by the fact that in their case such a limitation is relatively little felt for the user  . Many free antivirus programs contain special code that allows their developers to test new features before deploying them to paid versions. In addition, they can collect large amounts of telemetry data and send it to the developers of the software. All this additionally slows down the operation of the operating system. This is another reason why paid programs are usually a better option.

Examples of efficient antivirus software

Windows 10 users should consider purchasing ESET NOD32. It not only provides a high level of protection for our computer, but also does not significantly burden its work. It protects not only against popular computer viruses, but also all spyware or ransomware. The latter type is especially dangerous for large enterprises. It is used to encrypt files of high importance to the company. The cybercriminals then demand a ransom to unblock access. Private individuals, on the other hand, will appreciate that the program turns into a very discreet mode when playing computer games. It minimally limits the processing power of the processor. If we are the owner of a computer with the macOS operating system, it is worth taking a look at the Norton Security antivirus program. It quickly detects all malicious files and protects confidential information from unauthorized access. It is available in several versions – Standard, Deluxe and Premium.