Good old bongo

Good old bongo

The art of smoking is very old. It goes back to antiquity, and maybe earlier. We know for sure from archaeological research that bongs already existed in ancient times, and these finds show that they were similar in appearance and operation to modern water pipes. Hookahs that were discovered in Ethiopian caves were made of animal horns and pottery. Most importantly, these pipes had a cooling system. Undoubtedly, the greatest advantage of bongs is its filtering properties. Research shows that water filtration can be an effective way to reduce exposure to carcinogenic compounds in smoke. In addition, the water in the bong cools the smoke, which is then injected into the lungs, which is especially important if you want to avoid irritating the respiratory tract while smoking.

smoking a bongoSmoking dried herbs with hookah has quite a long history. Many people prefer to smoke a bong rather than tobacco. It is a very easy and convenient, and above all the least invasive to health, method of smoking dried plants. There are different types of water pipes – from classic, glass pipes, through more advanced ones – with filtration, to acrylic – silicone pipes.

Building the most classic bong:

mouthpiece – it allows you to inhale the smoke and is profiled in such a way that it can be tightly covered with your mouth;

the chamber – located just below the mouthpiece and fills up with smoke when dried herbs,

bowl – a pipe coming from the water tank in a pipe, the upper part of which is studded with plant material, and the lower part is immersed in water;

clutch – a small drain hole in the upper part of the water tank, which is covered with a finger during smoking and uncovered after the appropriate amount of smoke has collected in the chamber;

water tank – a large space to be filled with water, in which the smoke is cooled and filtered.

If we already know the basic structure of a hookah, then we have nothing else to do but savor its taste.

Bongo – how to smoke?

There are some important things to keep in mind before smoking. These rules will help in the correct use of hookah. So let’s go!

  1. Fill the bong with water

The basis for preparing our hookah is to fill it with water. The water must first of all be clean and at room temperature. We pour it through the mouthpiece so that it covers about 2/3 of the stem length. To make sure that we haven’t poured too much water, just take a puff without lighting the drought and check that the water does not reach your mouth during this process. If this is the case, just pour out a small amount and try again.

  1. Crush the dried fruit and put it on a bowl

The next step is to prepare the dried fruit. Grind the inflorescence in your fingers or grind it with a grinder. You can add some tobacco (up to 15%) to make the dry burn better, but you must be aware that the pipe will get dirty faster in this case. Then we punch the pipe by placing the herbs in the upper part of the bowl. How much inflorescence we put in depends on personal needs, but remember not to force it down. Strongly dense dried herbs will be difficult to burn.

Smoking with the use of a hookah

We start burning our dried fruit. Simply grab the pipe with your hand in the lower part of the chamber, put your mouth tightly against the mouthpiece (do not put it in your mouth), and then close the clutch with your finger, start lighting the herbs with your other hand and draw air with the mouthpiece. When the chamber fills with smoke, we simply open the clutch and inhale the pure smoke.

A few words summaries….

The most popular bongs are those made of glass, because they do not react negatively with it, thanks to which we get a pure taste. Glass bongs are also the best. Many people mention only one disadvantage – glass is easy to break, and in the case of this type of hookah, you may feel sorry for it, because they often have nice, fancy shapes.

However, glass bongs have definitely more advantages. The glass does not heat up quickly and even helps to cool the water in it. Glass is completely natural and no harmful substances are released from this type of bong. In addition, glass does not change the taste of smoked tobacco or dried. However, Bongo is recommended for more experienced smokers, because it absorbs more smoke at a time, which could harm beginners and make them feel unwell.

Properly used, bongs are a great alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. It is worth thinking about it with your health in mind.