How to choose the right wallpaper?

How to choose the right wallpaper?

Choosing the right color for the walls is quite difficult. When choosing a wallpaper, we have a wider palette of colors, patterns and textures to choose from. He also often finishes a specific space. Nevertheless, we should start decorating spaces with wallpaper.

Let’s decide what exactly we want to achieve with the wallpaper. It can create depth to make the room appear more spacious. It can add drama or simplicity or color to our interior.

Home zones

Depending on the room, there are different wallpaper options for the room . For example, the living room is a social area, a place where family and friends spend time together. It is a place of entertainment, so it can be fun, colorful. The wallpaper can have beautiful patterns without being overwhelming.

In the case of the bedroom, the situation is slightly different. This is where we relax. That is why the walls in the bedroom are usually plain and painted in pastel colors. But wallpaper can also be a great choice. Beautiful wall decor can be refreshing and relaxing at the same time. We can choose a subtle floral pattern or something more sophisticated, inspired by nature or a geometric pattern. The colors should be subtle though.

Another room that we have to deal with is the kitchen . Here we can play with colors and patterns and create something personal, joyful, but also comforting. The kitchen is usually painted white or as neutral as possible. But we do not have to exclude other, more vivid colors. For example, we can choose a geometric pattern similar to a chessboard. It doesn’t have to be a classic black and white combination. However, floral motifs are not appropriate for this space.

Some houses also have offices. We have to arrange it, but remember a few simple tips. First of all, let’s not choose bold floral patterns and motifs. The office should look professional and at the same time simple and functional. We can still choose a wallpaper for it. Preferably simple in color but textured. If we like bolder solutions, we can choose one colored wall.

Bold wallpaper

When choosing wallpapers, let’s focus on colors and patterns. We can choose wall murals in bold patterns, colors and even textures. We may be excited to try out new, bold solutions, but remember to choose furniture and accessories that suit them.

If our design is to immediately create a “wow” effect as soon as guests enter the room, choose contrasting colors. Let’s take paint or fabric swatches and find colors that contrast in brightness or high saturation. This way, we can create an electrifying space in an eclectic style. A good way to match colors is to use a color palette that shows their full spectrum. Colors facing each other contrast with each other and those next to each other will complement each other. If in doubt, visit a professional store and look for suitable samples.

Subtle color and bold patterns

While we may love bold colors, bright, high-contrast colors are not always a good option. However, we don’t have to worry at all. Lighter colors with more subtle patterns are still beautiful. In the bathroom, we can choose floral patterns and light blue. In this way, we will create a light atmosphere and a spacious interior. However, when we combine a high-class finish, such as marble, we will create a room that will not be apathetic, but relaxing and calm. We don’t have to choose bold wallpapers. Instead, decide on a color from the palette and imitate it in surrounding materials, finishes and decorative accents.

Colorful wallpaper as a background, not a central place

Many homeowners believe that the color of the wallpaper should play a major role. Bold wallpaper looks beautiful when combined with large furniture or on the top of the wall, we put wood paneling. Most often, however, less is more. The wallpaper should harmonize with the furniture.

While it may sometimes seem difficult to choose a color to match your bold wallpaper, it’s worth following the tips above. They can inspire us and we will create a magical interior. Let’s be creative and decide whether the room should be subtle or dynamic. Regardless of what we choose, we can create a beautiful interior.

Perfect color

Choosing a new color is one of the most important decisions we have to make. In fact, it adds character to our home. If we choose a monotonous color, the interior will be boring. However, if we go overboard with bold colors, they can overwhelm. So it is best to choose colors that will emphasize the features of our home and make it more attractive.

The living room is one of the most important places in the house because it is here that we meet our guests. So let’s try to choose stylish, warm and at the same time practical colors. We can choose colors to create a certain pattern or just opt ​​for neutral colors. Yellow and blue can create a classic interior in a country style. However, we can opt for blood red walls. Our imagination can work here.